Gorleston-on-Sea - Coastal Protection

Much of this site relates to events that occurred in 2004/5.

What's it all about?

Our aim is to make sure that any proposed Coastal Protection Schemes for Gorleston-on-Sea by the Great Yarmouth Borough Council or the Environment Agency or any other public body for that matter is in accordance with the wishes of local residents.

The last last proposed scheme in 2004 was backed 100% by the GYBC and rejected as totally unnecesary and inappropriate by the residents of Gorleston. Some of the residents had a knowledge of coastal engineering, the majority relied on common sense.

June 2013

By now GYBC predicted the Sea Wall at Gorleston would be in a state of collapse. Patently this has not happened. GYBC was after the money .... £10m being offered by the Government of the day, for sea defences. It would have been large Pink Gins all round at the Town Hall had the residents not delayed proceedings until the Government withdrew the money.

Beach Monitoring

The 'Reef' scheme proposed by GYBC was totally rejected by the residents of Gorleston at two meetings one in September 2004 and the follow up meeting in March 2005. The Council listened to resident's objections and revised their plans. We are now in September 2005 and it transpires that John Hemsworth has been too busy to progress the Coastal Protection Scheme for Gorleston (See correspondence with GYBC September 9th 2005). There is an urgent need for the Environment Agency to start monitoring Gorleston Beach.

GYBC promised to employ the Environmental Agency in monitoring Gorleston Beach but this has not happened, so it is as well that we began our own bi-monthly beach monitoring programme in April 2005. This takes the form of a photographic record from fixed points along the beach.


At the "State of the Council" meeting (October 3rd 2005) the Leader of the Executive Cabinet (GYBC), Barry Coleman stated that he was certain the Eastport harbour scheme will now go ahead and there are safeguards in place to ensure that the Harbour will not have a detrimental affect on Gorleston Beach.

How can this be judged if the Council are not monitoring Gorleston Beach.

It is plain that the Council will not be in a position to get any compensation from Eastport as they will have no evidence of the state of the beach before, during or after the development of the Outer Harbour.

Why No Competitive Tendering?

We at gorlestonbeach.org.uk have been pressing Tony Wright M.P. and Nick Raynsford M.P. to find out why Halcrow were not subject to the Competitive Tendering process before being appointed, particularly in view of Halcrow's dismal performance.

We found out ourselves that Local Authorities are not obliged to ask consultants such as Halcrow to tender before they are appointed. However they cannot directly benefit from any construction work that is required as a result of their conclusions. Any such work would be subject to competitive tendering.

DEFRA and Coastal Protection at Gorleston

We at gorlestonbeach.org.uk took the trouble to find out how DEFRA decided to fund Coastal Protection Schemes. Read on if you are interested.

How do DEFRA allocate funds?

The Schemes the G.Y.B.C. considered.

The 10 coastal protection options considered for Gorleston-on-Sea by the GYBC are worth reading. This is the only place you will be able to read the options in full as the GYBC does not consider this subject of sufficicient importance to publish the details on their website.

We believe option 9 which was the preferred option recommended by Great Yarmouth Borough Council and their coastal consultants Halcrow was woefully researched, as recent events confirm. The GYBC has now dropped the proposed Reef scheme in favour of repairs to the sea wall and monitoring the sand levels on the beach, neither of which has happened.

The meeting held in St Andrew's Hall Gorleston on Tuesday 22nd March 2005 on this subject was not well attended. Make sure you attend the next Public Meeting to leave the Council in no doubt that we do not expect a second coming of Option 9 - The Reefs" in present circumstances.

Read what the 10 options are.