Gorleston-on-Sea - Coastal Protection

Much of this site relates to events that occurred in 2004/5.

This website is the only place you can view the 10 Options that were considered by GYBC.

Even though it would seem that the Great Yarmouth Borough Council has decided to shelve its plans to install "Reefs" off the beach at Gorleston it is still worth reading about the options they considered. There are a number of glaring inaccuracies in their assertions, interspersed with downright scare-mongering.

Read the 10 Options below

Mon 23rd May 2013 - When reading these options please bear in mind that they refer to the Beach in 2004 and not the present time (June 2013).

The options below have not been changed in any way. They are exactly as presented by Halcrow Consultants to GYBC.

You might have thought that an issue of such long term consequence would have been explained on the Council's web-site - but no. A poor turn out at the September 2004 Gorleston Reef meeting held in Gorleston library would have meant that the Council could send this proposal to DEFRA with little opposition. They have definitely been caught out by the strength of local opinion. This website has been created so that local residents can voice their opinions and views on the Gorleston Reefs.

Although this project has been on the go for some time the only information made available by the Great Yarmouth Borough Council was displayed in the foyer of Gorleston Library for a few days in September 2004. John Hemsworth promised on several occasions that this display would be moved to the reception area of the Great Yarmouth Town Hall - this promise was not kept.

Warning to the residents of Gorleston.

The meeting on Friday 4th March 2005 at the St Andrews Church Hall Gorleston was not as well attended as the previous meeting on this subject in September 2004. However the Local Press and Local Radio were in attendance. The Council now plan to carry out some repairs to the Sea Wall and with the help of the Environmental Agency, monitor sand levels on the beach over the next five years.

The next meeting which is to be arranged will require a strong turnout to ratify the Council's plans.

Monday 20th May 2013

History has shown that the Council and its so called 'experts' were wrong on all counts regarding the Gorleston Sea Wall and the amount of sand there would now be on the Gorleston Beach.

Their 'concern' was driven solely by the £10m grant that the Government was going to give to pay for this work. A concern that soon evaporated when the money and the share to local businesses was no longer forthcoming.

A wonderful amenity would have been lost had the Council had their way. Sea Palling beach bears testament to this assertion.

An explanation of the problem
The Options proposed by Halcrow Consultants

Finally, on January 24th 2005, after four months of asking, the details of the options considered by GYBC arrived - coincidentally at the same time the Reef scheme was dropped - or is it the sceptic coming out in us.