Gorleston-on-Sea - Coastal Protection

Much of this site relates to events that occurred in 2004/5.

Gorleston Beach Watch

The purpose of the Beach Watch is to produce a photographic record of sand levels on Gorleston Beach. We feel this is necessary as GYBC are doing little or nothing to record changes to the beach at Gorleston.

Gorleston Sea Wall Collapse 1969

When the Sea Wall at Gorleston-on-Sea last collapsed there was a photographic record made of the damage to the wall and the subsequent repairs. Bernard Harris (GYB Services) very kindly gave permission for some of these photographs to be shown here.

View Sea Wall Collapse Here
The Beach Survey

From fixed points along Gorleston Promenade

Beach Levelling Gorleston
From around the area
Gorleston Beach Views